1. Audiences is a functionality that enables Advertisers to collect user identification information
    1. (IFA) from running campaigns or
    2. They can upload a CSV file externally for further retargeting.
  2. Advertisers can select the list of campaigns that are running an event (impression or click) from which IFA values are collected to the database.
  3. For manual upload of a list of IFA, Advertiser has to click on upload and choose the CSV file with headers and first column IFA
  4. Advertisers can download a list of Audiences as CSV files for review by clicking the Download button.

  1. Filters
    1. Date filter: Select the specific date range of the Audience
    2. Search filter: Quick search
    3. Status: Filter by Audience Status (Active, Paused, Suspended, Removed)
  2. Summary per Audiences
    1. ID (Audience ID): This is the numeric identification of an AUdience on the platform.
    2. Name: Name of the Audience.
    3. Advertiser: Selected advertiser name for the Audience.
    4. People with:
      1. Impressions: collecting audience data based on Impressions
      2. Clicks: collecting audience data based on Clicks.
    5. Status: Audiences status (New, Active, Paused, Removed).
    6. Campaign: Audience pixel assigned to no. of campaigns
    7. Date: Audience pixel created date.
  3. Create new Audiences
    1. Retargeting Audience: Upload a .csv file containing IFAs of users to be targeted. You can later select this audience during campaign setup in the targeting section.

      ID Type
      Apple's iOS advertising IDs are called IDFA and follow this format, all in upper case.
      Google's android advertising IDs are called AAIDs. They follow the format as IDFA, but all are lower case

    2. Collect Audience: This enables you to collect audiences that have rendered either Clicks or Impressions or both from a specific campaign.
      1. Collect from: Select name of the Campaign from which you want to collect the audiences from the dropdown
      2. People with: Check whether you want to collect audiences with only impressions or clicks or both.
      3. Download Data: You can also download this file when it is generated for review.
          Once saved, the audience name appears in the Audience summary with status as NEW.
Once the segment is made ACTIVE, it appears in the Targeting section of all your New and existing Campaign creation and can be selected for further retargeting.

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