Create a new Advertising Account and manage the existing Advertising Accounts

Create a new Advertising Account and manage the existing Advertising Accounts

Under a company, you may set up multiple accounts based on brands, geographical locations, etc. For example, if the parent company has multiple brands, each brand could be an account to pursue specific advertising and marketing objectives.

  1. Go to the ReBid Buy Homepage.
  2. Click Settings (gear icon) on left navigation.
  3. Select Accounts

Searching existing accounts:

On the Accounts listing page, you can see all your existing accounts. On clicking an account name, you can view the details of the specified accounts, as well as advertisers.  

You can directly search for an account using Account name, which is a dynamic filter. In addition, you may use Billing Country and account Status to narrow down the search results.

In addition:
  • Use the toggle option to turn on or off an account. 
  • Use Reports to view the performance of the selected account for different data-ranges such as Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month, Last 90 Days, and Custom Range
  • Use Edit (pencil icon) to easily edit the Account details. 

Click on the desired account to view the Account details page, which lists all the
Advertisers associated with the account. Refer to Advertisers for more details. 

Adding new account
  1. On the Account details page, click New Account (plus icon) 
  2. The new Account Details page fill out the following section: General Information, Account Contact, White-label Properties, Billing Information, and Advanced Features.

General Information

In this section, update the generic information of the account:

  • ID: Account ID auto-generated when the form is filled out and the user clicks Save
  • Account Name:  Account name.
  • Contact Email:  Contact Email. 

Account Contact

In this section, you can fill out details of the contact person.
  • Full Name: Full name of the contact person.
  • Phone: Phone number of the contact person.

While-label Properties

The purpose of this section is to use ReBid products with your own company’s branding, without using ReBid identity.

In this section, you can fill out the following:
  • Title: Brand name or title 
  • Subtitle: Subtitle or caption
  • Homepage: URL of the website
  • Logo: Brand or account logo

Billing Information

In this section, you may fill out the Billing details.

  • Same: A checkbox to indicate the Billing Contact is the same as the Account Contact.
  • Billing email: Email address for the billing.
  • Billing contact: Contact name of the billing.
  • Billing phone:  Contact number of the billing.
  • Address 1: Line 1 of the billing address.
  • Address 2: Line 2 of the billing address.
  • City/Town: City or town name.
  • State/Province: State or Province name.
  • Postal code: Zip or Pin code.
  • Country: Country name.
  • Billing notes: Billing notes, if any, for future reference. 

Advanced Features

This section supports advanced features to manage data, reports, and campaign reviews. 
Data Management Settings
  • Insights: Primarily used to track end-to-end customer journey. When enabled, ReBid Insight tracks user information on a web page. 
  • Lotame: Third-party vendor (DMP). 
Reporting Settings
  • Custom Margin: Used for margin management. To override default margin that includes platform cost, you can add custom margin.  
  • Domain Report: When enabled, you can get domain-specific reports.
  • Category Report: Banners are run based on categories of content such as Arts and entertainment, technology, real estate, etc. When enabled, you can get reports based on content categories.
  • Scheduler Access: Schedule report once and set future schedules to get reports via via email. 
Other Settings
  • Campaign Review: When enabled, admin must approve before a campaign goes live. 


After filling out the required information, you may click Save to continue or Cancel to make further changes.

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