Advertisers can see a summary of their recent activity on the main dashboard.
Advertisers can toggle between SPend and Balance to see respective amounts as on date for the month.

  1. Spend: Actual amount spent for the campaign and what you will be billed. Will keep updating in real-time.
  2. Balance: Amount left in the account after spending from the initial budget assigned to Advertiser. Will keep updating in real time.
  3. Impressions: An Impression is a metric used to quantify the number of digital views or engagements of a piece of content, usually an advertisement, a digital post, or a web page. Impressions are also referred to as an "ad view."
    Impressions (Today)
    = Number of times your creative was served to specific users at a single point in time for that day.
  4. When someone clicks your ad, the DSP counts that as a click. A click is counted even if the person doesn't reach your website, maybe because it's temporarily unavailable. Clicks (Today) = Number of times users clicked on your ads
  5. Conversion is an action that's counted when someone interacts with your ad or free product listing (for example, clicks a text ad or views a video ad) and then takes an action that you've defined as valuable to your business, such as an online purchase or a call to your business from a mobile phone.
    Conversions (Today) = After viewing the ad, when a user performs a desired action in response to an ad.
  6. Ad spend is the amount of money you are spending on advertising campaigns. Depending on how you account for ad spend, you may simply measure actual spending on ad placements.
    Spend (Today) = Advertiser overall spend for today.

    Line Chart with date range filter Today, Last 7 Days and 30 day

    View Performance Summary for date range filter Today, Last 7 Days and 30 days
  7. Impressions = An Impression or an “ad view” is a metric used to quantify the number of digital views or engagements of a piece of content.
  8. Clicks = An ad click is a click on a banner ad or button. The ad acts as a link to a website or landing page.
  9. CTR = CTR is the percentage of people that saw your ad and felt compelled enough to click it. You can count your CTR score as follows:
    (No. of Clicks / No. of Impressions)
  10. CR = The rate gathering the audiences that followed and completed the campaign CTA.
    (e.g: signing up to your service or mailing list or buying your product).
    Formula = (No. of conversions / No. of clicks) x 100
  11. Win Rate = a metric that measures the number of impressions won over the number of impressions bid.

    Top 10 Countries: This is the representation of top Spends countrywise on a global scale.

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