Data Marketplace - Buyer Overview

Data Marketplace - Buyer Overview

ReBid Desk supports automatic selection of data you purchase on our platform and use to target particular user segments. This means that the costs of these user segments will be:
  1. Displayed when the segment is selected during targeting.
  2. Aggregated and totaled on the relevant items as well as appear in the relevant reports.
  3. Bundled into your invoice totals and represented as an aggregated data cost.
In addition:
  1. "Total cost" is the sum of your Media cost plus any Third-party data costs (e.g., segments purchased from Data Providers).
  2. Media cost is just the cost of buying the actual media (impression).
  3. Third-party data costs are the aggregated costs of all third-party services and data used in purchasing that media (e.g., user segments, etc.)‚Äč

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