New Advertiser Set-up

New Advertiser Set-up

Creating a new advertiser enables you to map your existing integrations.
Typically, a ReBid Buy advertiser represents a product or brand you wish to promote.

Create a new Advertiser
  1. Click on the Advertiser tab.
  2. Click on New Advertiser.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
  4. Advertiser Name
  5. Account
  6. Contact Email
  7. Industry Vertical
  8. Advertiser URL (mandatory if you intend to use MediaMath)

Connect Demand Partner accounts
This section is only required for partner accounts you own and manage.     
  1. Select Demand Partner.
  2. Key in Advertiser ID (e.g., Facebook Ad Account ID, Google Ads Customer ID)
  3. Click Add

Alert:  All fields in Rebid Buy with asterisks "*" are required to be filled in.   

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