New Media Plan

New Media Plan

To create a new Media Plan:

Under the Manage section, navigate to the Media Plan tab. Click on New Media Plan.

  1. Fill in the following fields:
  2. Name of Media Plan
  3. Industry Vertical
  4. Account
  5. Advertiser
  6. Choose the time zone of the target audience
  7. Campaign Timeframe
  8. Choose the currency you want to work with
  9. Specify the Budget

Estimated Budget - If you are running an ‘always on’ campaign or a campaign with an extended duration, you can specify the estimated budget the platform needs to spend each month.
Specify the goal type for the media plan. You can choose between multiple objectives including CPM, CPC, and CPA.

Specify the KPI goal value based on the objective selected. For CPM, you can input the maximum price you are ready to offer for the impression.
Billing Entity – RD&X Group DMCC
Provide any additional notes about the media plan rationale and offline parameters to build up your knowledge bank.

Under the Additional Information section, add all your weekly campaign notes to make things easier when building your post-campaign analysis.

Click on Next to move on to the Insertion Order and budget details.

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