Onboarding to ReBid ADP

Onboarding to ReBid ADP

You can set up ReBid ADP in three easy steps: 
  1. Connecting to Integration Partners
  2. Create ReBid Hierarchy - Company, Account, Advertiser
  3. Create media plan

When you log in to ReBid ADP for the first time, you’ll see the following screen showing the
Company summary, Get Started with ADP, Live announcements, and Quick setup links.

On the ReBid ADP homepage, you can view Company Summary. It includes Users, Subscription Plan,
and Wallet balance. 

From the Get Started with ADP section, you can access Onboarding, Help center, and
Knowledge Base articles. 

In the Quick Setup links section, you will see a few options:
  1. Connect Integration Partners: You can connect your integration partners like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Xandr, and more.
  2. Rebid ADP Advertisers: You can add ReBid advertisers to start using services.
  3. Rebid ADP media plan: You can add mediaplans to allocate budgets and start campaigns.
  4. Analyze performance: You can access and share one-click reporting dashboards to analyze performance based on different dimensions and metrics.

You can also add more widgets using the Add Widget button on the top-right of the page. On
subsequent login, the platform shows you the pending steps to fill out. Try to complete all the steps
so it is easier to navigate the platform. 

Note: If you do not wish to complete the steps now, you may close it by clicking ‘X’ on the top-right of the popup screen.

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