Reports Section

Reports Section

The Reports suite lets you look at historical media buying data in an organized manner. You can get detailed insights through pre-formulated performance reports across a number of parameters.

Navigate to the Reports tab to view a full selection of performance reports classified under Campaign:
  1. Campaign Groups
  2. Media Plan
  3. Ad Group
  4. Channel
  5. Device
  6. Tabular Geo
  7. Reach
  8. Conversion
  9. Exchange
  10. Domain
  11. App
  12. Creative
  13. Social
  14. Video
  15. Keyword
  16. Ad Server
  17. Web Analytics
  18. Creative Web Analytics
  19. Segments

Select the Account, Advertiser, Media Plan, and Timeline you wish to view the report for. You can add optional filters of interest including Demand Partners, Labels, and Currencies.
The Summary section provides an overview of all the metrics that are detailed in the report.

 Additional functions accessible from the right corner of the reports dashboard:

1. Share: The Share icon generates a link that can be shared with an external user, allowing them to view the specific report without having to log into the platform.

2. Customize: The reporting dashboard has pre-selected columns for every report. However, each report can be
customized to include only those columns that are of interest to the user at that particular time.

3. Download: This option lets you download the report in an offline CSV format.

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