Settings (WL/BL)

Settings (WL/BL)

Blacklists/Whitelists functionality provides Advertisers to optimize their campaigns.

  1. Whitelists - A Whitelist is a list of website domains that the advertiser is willing to serve its ads on. For publishers getting your domain name added to an advertiser's or DSPs white list is paramount in scaling Programmatic Revenue
  2. Blacklists - a blacklist is simply a list that identifies the sites on which an advertiser does not want its advertising to appear.
Advertiser can set different types of Blacklists/Whitelists per:
  1. Select Campaign: Select a specific campaign
  2. Type: (SubID, App, IP, Site)
    1. SubID: Publisher ID
    2. App: Bundle ID
    3. IP: IP Address
    4. Site: site domain
  3. The above parameters have to be placed separated by comma or uploaded via CSV file with headers and appropriate parameters in the first column
  4. After saving the Blacklist/Whitelist it appears in the bottom in the report section. All the uploaded lists can be downloaded back.

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