What is ReBid Desk?

What is ReBid Desk?

ReBid Desk is a customized programmatic desk with a state-of-the-art DSP. In this Programmatic-as-a-Service option, our media and data in-housing solution comes with an inbuilt DMP (Data Management Platform) service. 

Presenting the best from the programmatic landscape to interweave your exclusive data, campaign strategies, and required optimizations into a unified ecosystem. 

With ReBid Desk

  • You can customize the platform basis your unique business needs. 

  • We provide clients with the freedom to choose any connections with supply, DMP, fraud prevention, viewability partners they want to work with. 

  • We protect clients' privacy and don't share it with other Desk users, all data belongs only to clients and is stored in-house in a dedicated environment.

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